Sunday 30 December 2012

The gentleman in Whitehall really does know better what is good for people than the people know themselves

The Department for Business Innovation and Skills want all consumers to store their personal data on the web so that they will be empowered.

The Department for Work and Pensions want 21 million claimants to store all their personal data on the web so that they can register for and claim Universal Credit.

The Government Digital Service want everyone to store their personal data on the web so that public services can become digital-by-default.

HMRC want to store all their local office records on the web so that they can save money.

Good idea?

You be the judge:
Britain 'losing the war on cyber crime' as costs hit £205 million

Britain is losing the war on internet crime, a leading police officer has admitted, after it emerged that cyber crime cost UK businesses around £205 million in lost revenue last year.

Commissioner Adrian Leppard, head of City of London police, said online fraud is rising “exponentially”, with the largest number of attacks originating from Eastern Europe and Russia.

In a stark warning to MPs earlier this month, he said police are struggling to keep up with increasingly sophisticated internet criminals.

Keith Vaz, chairman of the commons Home Affairs select committee, suggested to Mr Leppard that internet criminals “keep running rings around some of the best police officers in the country”, adding: “Are we winning this battle?”

Mr Leppard responded: “We are not winning. I do not think we are winning globally, and I think this nature of crime is rising exponentially.”

The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau has identified some 300 internet fraud gangs worldwide, Mr Leppard told MPs. Groups in 25 countries have chosen Britain as their main target ...

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