Monday, 14 December 2015

RIP IDA – some "identity providers" are less trustworthy than others

No need to say it, it goes without saying, it should be obvious to all but,
just in case it isn't obvious to all,
IDA is dead.

IDA, now known as "GOV.UK Verify (RIP)",
is the Cabinet Office Identity Assurance programme.
And it's dead.

GOV.UK Verify (RIP)
"Identity provider" GPG45 service Applied for Granted ("no. of profiles")
Barclays Identity Assurance and Provisioning 28 September 2015
digidentity Identity Provider Service for Verify 30 April 2015 (4)
Experian IDaaS 21 October 2014 (4)
GBGroup ID3global 12 February 2015 (2)
Morpho secureidentity 19 November 2015
Post Office IDA 24 February 2014, lapsed February 2015
Royal Mail
Verizon UIS 11 February 2015 (5)
Not an "identity provider" mentioned by GDS
Equifax Identity Verifier for IdP 10 December 2014 (2)

The Government Digital Service (GDS) want to build trust in their GOV.UK Verify (RIP) identity assurance scheme by being open, "the sunlight of transparency is making things better".

Friday, 4 December 2015

"We transformed digital delivery for the UK government"

You probably can't read the image above. Not easily. What it says is: