Tuesday, 14 March 2017

GDS's commitment to user control of personal information

Public administration in the UK has problems which could be solved if public services became digital by default. That is the raison d'être of the Government Digital Service (GDS).

Digital by default? What does "digital" mean? According to Tom Loosemore, ex-Deputy Director of GDS, "digital means applying the culture, practices, processes and technologies of the internet era to respond to people’s raised expectations".

The reactionaries in Whitehall have hobbled GDS. That's what Jerry Fishenden and Cassian Young say: "It is convenient for institutionally conservative managers to watch the energy behind transformation dissipate harmlessly in the sandbox where the agile insurgents are left to play with their websites", please see Escaping waterfall government and the myth of ‘digital transformation’.

Monday, 6 March 2017

The Smart Essex Digital Summit to explore digital future

That's what Essex TV are excited about: "Leading technology partners are teaming up with Essex County Council to define how a digital strategy should be at the heart of a council to improve people’s lives, reshape public services and drive prosperity".

A major event, to be held at the BT Tower on 27 February 2017. So you've missed it. So did DMossEsq. "The Smart Essex Digital Summit is by invitation only", and our invitation was lost in the post.