Thursday 14 March 2013

GDS's Identity Assurance Programme goes up in smoke

Computer Weekly, 14 March 2013:
IDA services put on ice for Universal Credit delivery
Only the other day there we were, weren't we, asking if the Government Digital Service's pan-government Identity Assurance service is up and running yet. They had promised that it would be "fully operational" for 21 million Department for Work and Pensions claimants "by March 2013".

Well now, thanks to Computer Weekly, we know the answer.
No mention was made of the use of IDA in the DWP’s Local Support Services Framework ... Instead, the paper referenced the issuing of PIN numbers to users for their online accounts ...
GDS talked a good game once. Is there any hope now for IDA?

No. Judging by this 12 March 2013 post on their blog, Identity Alphas, GDS are innocents abroad in the world of identity management.

"Where did it all go wrong?" You may well ask.

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