Sunday 13 November 2011


Q1 What is the probability that Brodie Clark woke up one morning, fancied a change, and decided to throw the borders open?

Q2 Pillorying Brodie Clark and forcing him out of UKBA is bad politics, bad management and bad manners. What is the probability that all this pillorying and forcing was Theresa May's idea?

Hint Since 2005, we have had three Prime Ministers, five Home Secretaries and only one head of the home civil service, Sir Gus O'Donnell.

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SDG said...

To support your point generally, since 2005 we have also had seven Secretaries of State for Defence - ranging from "Buff" Hoon to Des "Swiss Tony" Browne to Bob "the Colossus" Ainsworth to the current incumbent whose name I cannot remember and I cannot be bothered looking it up because it really does not matter. All very depressing.

David Moss said...

I agree.

The Defence Secretary should have some experience of the forces. But my instinct tells me that this is not the moment to mention Patrick Mercer to the Prime Minister.

I have been meaning to tell you, by the way, ABE Books provided me with a copy of The Passing of Parliament the other day. Haven't read it yet. It smells authentically musty and is inscribed in proper copperplate "love Anne". Smiley?

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