Monday 5 August 2013

Cloud – Dale Vile tells it like it is

Freeform Dynamics is an "IT industry analyst firm" distinguished by "straight talking, telling it as it is in down-to-earth language".

Dale Vile, the CEO, is a "cloud advocate", he tells us in SMBs are tumbling into the cloud? Oh get real, and he's not pleased. Large companies and public bodies are adopting cloud computing but small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) aren't: "we are hardly scratching the surface when it comes to selling cloud options into the SMB space".

What seems to be the problem?

Dale says: "IT policy and planning is down to business people at the lower end" and "where a business person rather than an IT professional is responsible for IT policy, planning and decision-making, cloud is far less likely to be on the agenda".

What's the matter with these business people?

Dale thinks they're hysterics: "... then there’s the MSPs [managed service providers, i.e. cloud shops] who despite the current privacy-related hysteria are still reporting impressive growth that shows no signs of abating".

IT professionals are pretty relaxed about storing their company's data in the cloud and losing control of it but psychologically damaged business people seem to suffer from a primitive need to protect their intellectual property and to honour their promises to keep client data confidential.

If the business people are removed and IT professionals run businesses instead, will that solve the uptake problem suffered by cloud computing?


Dale has another issue: "bloody well appreciate that you aren't going to unlock the SMB space without the channel, so pay more attention to enabling your partners and making sure that cloud is good business for them as well as yourselves".

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