Tuesday 22 October 2013

1st cloud in Skyscape Cloud's sky

Readers will remember the immaculate conception of Skyscape Cloud Services Ltd, the company incorporated on 3 May 2011 which won four government contracts, some of them before the company had submitted its first set of accounts to Companies House.

The Government Digital Service (GDS), HMRC, the MOD and the Home Office all chose Skyscape in preference to long-established cloud services companies.

Now GDS have parked their harp on another cloud.

Government signs cloud hosting contract with Carrenza for GOV.UK, they tell us in ComputerWorldUK magazine:
The Government Digital Service (GDS) has signed a £100,000, one-year contract with Carrenza to help host the GOV.UK goverment services portal ... The infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) contract was awarded via the government's G-Cloud framework ... Carrenza replaces previous suppliers Skyscape and SCC, which provided hosting for GOV.UK over the last 12 months.
And Carrenza have issued a press release:
Carrenza, the award winning UK based cloud services provider, today announced that it had signed a contract with the Government Digital Service (GDS) to be one of the primary suppliers hosting GOV.UK. The Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) contract was awarded via the G-Cloud iii Framework, created to deliver fundamental changes in the way the public sector procures and operates ICT.
Will HMRC, the MOD and the Home Office follow suit?


Anonymous said...

Factually inaccurate as usual - Computer world have corrected their article

David Moss said...

Anonymous @ 30 October 2013 21:45:
Factually inaccurate as usual - Computer world have corrected their article

Most of the posts about Skyscape on this blog use as their source returns filed at Companies House and signed by officers of the company. Other content is based on Skyscape's own website.

If the posts are "factually inaccurate as usual" as Anonymous alleges, what does that say about Skyscapes returns and website?

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