Friday 18 November 2011

BBC Radio Scotland – Sassenach border incursion

Tomorrow morning's Newsweek Scotland, 19 November 2011 8 a.m., presented by Derek Bateman, includes a discussion of border control, with background briefing by someone. Mr Bateman's good-humoured parting shot was that by the time someone's contributions have been edited, they'll all imply the opposite of what was said.

Three long talks with BBC producers in a week. One programme to show for it.

We'll see.

Or hear.


On Derek Bateman's blog:
I suggest you turn the volume down when I speak to David Moss
On iPlayer, starting at 47'18", available for the next week or so.


Scott Gronmark said...

I worked in broadcasting for over twenty years - and that is a very assured performance! And scary. Congratulations. Oddly, you seem more interested in getting the facts across than letting the audience know how terribly clever you are - this is the opposite of the approach adopted by most experts interviewed by our media.

David Moss said...

Thank you very much for that, Scott.

SDG said...

Have just listened to your interview on Radio Scotland. What you said was depressing, but how you said it was a model of clarity and precision.

David Moss said...

Thank you very much for that comment, SDG. Good news – no let-up in the depression stakes!

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