Thursday 15 December 2011

Brodie Clark's evidence 3

The Home office has launched three investigations into the Brodie Clark affair:
  • One by Dave Wood, ex-Metropolitan Police detective, currently the UKBA's head of enforcement and crime group. This is a two-week inquiry designed to discover to what extent checks were scaled down, and what the security implications might have been.
  • One by Mike Anderson, an ex-MI6 official, presently director general of the strategy, immigration and international group at the Home Office. This will investigate wider issues relating to the performance of UKBA.
  • It was announced on 5 November 2011 by Theresa May that an independent inquiry would also be undertaken, led by the Chief Inspector of the UK Border Agency, John Vine.
On 8 December 2011, the Home Affairs Committee released new testimony submitted to them by Mr Clark which includes this:
I remain concerned that the only independent inquiry into matters is that of the Home Affairs Select Committee. I took from some of the exchanges in evidence with others that the HASC shares some of my concern. The investigation by Mr Wood is unsafe as he is a participant. He was at the Board meeting referred to above and as the committee noted, Mr Vine is a witness.


Torygraph Reader said...

Okay, let's put you on the spot - in your view, what will the outcome of this plethora of investigations be? I presume the outcome has been decided in advance and that Brodie Clark, having, until very recently, been part of the system, already knows what's likely to happen. Do you?

David Moss said...

Dear Mr Reader

Rather a long answer, available here.

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