Thursday, 17 May 2012

Cabinet Office soon to be Watless

Cabinet Office press release, London 16 May 2012:
Ian Watmore to leave the Civil Service
Ian Watmore, Permanent Secretary of the Cabinet Office, is leaving the Civil Service at the end of June, after a seven year career in the Civil Service, six of them as Permanent Secretary in three different roles, and a long career in the private sector.

He is returning to his home in the North West of England to focus on non-executive and spousal roles in charity, sports, academic and church activities ...
Efficiency and reform, Whitehall-style
Less for more
Whitehall – misfeasance in public office
Whitehall – SNAFU

17 May 2012: ‘Aggressive ministers’ blamed after mandarin quits
6 August 2012: Cabinet Office press release – "The new Permanent Secretary of the Cabinet Office, Richard Heaton, takes up his new role today ..."

Updated 17.4.16

Four years later, Watmore to return?

Updated 20.9.16

Yes, Watmore to return, in 10 days time.

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