Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The good news about cloud computing continues to blow in

HM Government plans to deliver all public services over the web. In particular, Whitehall will store all its data in the G-Cloud – the government cloud – and we parishioners will all access public services through public clouds. (Parishioners who can't use the web will no longer be parishioners.)

Cloud computing, we are told by Whitehall officials and IT salesmen, will be more flexible, cheaper, more secure and more resilient than what is, by implication, the present inflexible, expensive, insecure and non-resilient service.

In witness whereof the reader is referred to the cloud computing section of The Register magazine where he or she may discover that:
Meanwhile, the runaway train that is the growing popularity of cloud computing is gathering base. El Reg, as the magazine is affectionately known, reported on Sage's plans to move their 6.3 million customers into the cloud. That's 6.3 million people/companies using Sage's estimable product to keep the books. How are the plans going? Wait for it ... get your ticket while there's still time:
At the end of last year Sage had converted just 1,000 of its customers from cloud sceptics to adopters, out of an installed base of 6.3 million.

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