Wednesday 4 December 2013

BIS now Dan Batesless

17 November 2013 – midata kickstarts a collective inflection point in business:
"Hi I’m Dan, Director of the midata Innovation Lab, part of the midata voluntary [?] programme. I wanted take this opportunity to share my vision for the lab, or mIL as we call it", Dan Bates told us on 23 May 2013 when he was still Working with business to fan the flames of innovation. (He's left now.)
Dan Bates used to work for BIS, the Department for Business Innovation and Skills. We knew he'd gone. But where?

(You may remember Gemma Lobb, see tweets above.)

Which of the following options – 1, 2, 3, or 4 – do you think is most incontrovertibly true? midata is all about:
  1. Empowering the consumer
  2. Improving people's lifestyles
  3. Expanding the UK economy
  4. GDS's identity assurance programme (GDS is the Government Digital Service, prop: ex-Guardian man Mike Bracken, see tweets above)

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