Wednesday 5 September 2012

GreenInk 9 – Vince Cable and the re-shuffle

Let's see if the Telegraph publish this letter:
From: David Moss
Sent: 05 September 2012 11:34
To: ''
Subject: James Kirkup, 04 Sep 2012, 'Free-market Tories arrive to reel in Vince Cable'


In many cases "free-market Tories" will find it difficult to "reel in Vince Cable" at the Department for Business Innovation and Skills but there is one simple step forward they can take quickly – cancel BIS's confused 'midata' initiative.

Three examples of confusion. 1. BIS wish to take order-making powers to implement 'midata'. They describe this increase in regulation as having a de-regulatory effect. 2. 'midata' is meant to expand the UK economy but BIS agree that it is impossible to predict its macroeconomic effect, which could well be negative. 3. midata is meant to empower consumers. BIS want us consumers to store all our personal data on the web which, far from empowering us, will lay us open to mass identity theft.

If the free-market Tories can stop officials wasting their time and our money on 'midata', that will be a valuable first day's work at BIS.

David Moss

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