Friday 15 April 2016

That shouldn't be there, should it?

Remember dear old GOV.UK? The award-winning public face of the UK administration on-line? Here's what it looks like today:

Spot anything?
They've stopped claiming falsely that GOV.UK replaces Directgov and Business Link?
Yes. Anything else?
They're still claiming falsely that you can use GOV.UK to register to vote?
Yes. Anything else?
They're suggesting falsely that Universal Jobmatch is a GOV.UK service when in fact it's still on Directgov?
Yes. Anything else?
What about that quite large reference to the EU referendum which occupies a not inconsiderable amount of the prime acreage on the screen? And the link to Find out why the Government believes we should remain.
Oh yes. Bit odd. That shouldn't be there, should it?

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