Wednesday 20 November 2013


No need to say it, it goes without saying, it should be obvious to all but, just in case it isn't obvious to all, IDA is dead.

IDA is the Cabinet Office Identity Assurance programme. And it's dead.


Updated 18 December 2013:
Identity assurance team to expand for 2014 launch

The pan-government identity assurance programme is hoping to hire up to five people in January in preparation for the launch of its first live services early next year ...

An official working on the programme recently explained that they are hoping for new providers to join next year, in particular to support level three assurance for more sensitive data.
Bit late – IDA was due to go live in the autumn of 2012.

Over a year later and they still haven't got the right staff.

And now they've discovered they've got the wrong suppliers (that is, the wrong so-called "identity providers").


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